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Can the line of the exposure handswitch of the X-ray machine be lengthened indefinitely

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:9月 20, 2022

X-ray machines are ubiquitous devices in radiology departments that send out X-rays to examine a patient’s body. It is well known that X-rays are radioactive, so doctors generally do not stand at the X-ray machine to control the exposure, but to choose the hand switch exposure. As an indispensable part of the X-ray machine, the line of the hand brake also has its length, so can the line of the X-ray machine exposure hand switch be extended indefinitely?
The answer is yes, the standard wiring length of the general hand switch is 3 meters, but as long as the customer has the demand that the line of the X-ray machine exposure hand switch can be extended indefinitely, the line length of our hand switch can be customized. Of course, the line length is different and the price is different. Customers can customize according to the actual situation. Not only that, we can also connect the crystal plug for free for customers, customers only need to provide the definition of wiring. If you need to connect other kinds of plugs, you need to pay extra.

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