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Air foot switch pedal: introduction and application

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:9月 17, 2018

Air foot switch pedal: introduction and application
Air foot switch pedal operated by foot or on the circuit on and off, can also be used to control the size of the output current of the switch. Air foot switch pedal is a kind of control circuit by foot, or on-off switch, used in the control circuit of hands can not touch to replace hands to achieve the objective of the operation.
Newheek XD series air foot switch pedal by flame retardant, enhanced, resistant to chemicals used in engineering plastics manufacturing, medical disinfectant to clean processing.The combined structure can be easily combined into two or more forms. Air foot switch pedal is divided into single, double, triple and quadruple foot brake.The appearance is divided into frame and foot brake without frame.
We have for your air foot switch pedal to provide custom service, customized waterproof air foot switch pedal. Meet the needs of different customers.

air foot switch pedal

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