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Air foot switch: available for mammography

Author:Glinda    Time:9月 19, 2018

Air foot switch can control the exposure of the breast X-ray machine. The route X-ray machine is equipped with 77um high-resolution breast plate detector and sharp digital imaging.A special filter grid for variable speed focusing mammary glands is used to image no artifacts. Air foot switch controls dynamic exposure.
High voltage generator 80kHz high frequency inverter technology, output ripple smaller, imaging more clearly.The imaging materials and design are firm and ultra-thin, with low X-ray attenuation and safe X-ray dose.
The X-ray dose can be automatically adjusted to the best dose and can be adjusted dynamically in real time. The user can operate easily and meet the different requirements of product price and performance. The dynamic range of the image is wide. Even in some parts that are difficult to master under the exposure condition, you only need to tap the air foot switch to get a good image.
Air foot switch
The image is clear and exquisite, and doctors can conduct multiple post-processing of the image as required to obtain more diagnostic information. Through the air foot switch, Shoot the operation process is simple and quick, reduce the technician’s workload and improve work efficiency.
The Newheek air foot switch is divided into single, double, triple and four, and users can select the air foot switch by themselves according to their X-ray machine.

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