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Advancement of wireless estop

Author:Abby    Time:2月 13, 2019

The foot pedal of this x ray foot switch uses ABS flame retardant reinforced engineering plastics as common foot pedal gauntlet. It is easy to remove with medical disinfectant. Using 315-433 RF band settings, one-to-one or one-to-many control can be realized. The chip of pedal switch is placed inside USB.
Advancement of wireless estop
The receiving terminal of wireless estop is 12V DC, the transmitting terminal is 12V battery, and the battery is replaced when bad signal occurs. The way to replace the battery is very simple. Turn down the two screws on the pedal switch board, pull the side plate outward, and then take out the battery box and replace the battery.
Wireless estop can be widely used in medical industry, game industry, factory inspection, instrument control, disabled people, etc. to improve efficiency.
Advancement of wireless estop

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