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Actuator switch’s feature

Author:Glinda    Time:10月 26, 2018

The advantage of our actuator switch is that the omron micro-actuator switch is used as the contact point of the component without oxidation at all.
Secondly, Newheek adopts X-ray Exposure Hand Switch whose core is 0.2-square copper wire. If the current is larger, it will not affect the actuator Switch. The outer skin of the hand brake line is made of PU material, which is resistant to corrosion and good tensile strength.
actuator switch
Because many actuator switch for mechanical hand brake. Some failures often occur. First, mechanical actuator switch will appear contact oxidation when used for a long time.Next in press a gear or two can appear the phenomenon that some gear does not spring up. Mechanical actuator switch may break the lever. The root of actuator switch may be pulled for a long time, which causes the wire at the root to be disconnected, thus preventing the exposure of the two gears.
All mechanical actuator switch wires are copper thin wires with thin diameter, which are not easy to weld. Some customers reported that the wires of the hand brake caused by excessive current would burn out due to the high current.
For this our actuator switch can basically avoid these failures.
Newheek actuator switch is divided into wired and wireless. And into a variety of models, respectively applicable to different X-ray machines.
Our actuator switch can meet your different purchasing needs.

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