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A technology company consults foot switch

Author:Lillian    Time:9月 02, 2021

Today, a technology company inquired about the foot switch, and the customer asked for the foot switch to be used for DR exposure for single-linked medical. Is there any test documents for the foot switch of our company? What is the waterproof level? He has to look at them Can it be used? They currently have a set of equipment that needs to be reported for relevant certificates. At present, our footswitches have EMC and RoHS certifications.
The application of X-ray foot switch is as follows: (1) Various medical equipment, laser scalpel, B-ultrasound, filming table, gastrointestinal machine, vertical lens, medical bed, dental equipment, ophthalmology optometry equipment. (2) Light industry machinery, sewing machines, ironing equipment, shoe machines, textile machinery (3) Manufacturing equipment, dispensing machines, welding machines, assembly lines, electronic manufacturing equipment (4) Instrument measuring equipment, projectors, surveying and mapping instruments, office equipment, Calibration tester, airport baggage conveying system, storage system, parcel sorting system, three-dimensional parking lot. If you are interested in anything else or have some questions about the foot switch, remember to contact us!

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