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A hospital customer consulted on the replacement of L01 exposure hand switch

Author:Lillian    Time:July 23, 2021

Today, a director of a certain hospital consulted about our 2nd gear L01 exposure hand switch switch. The customer consulted the L01 exposure hand switch on our website. The requirement is to replace the old hand switch with 4 cores and 3M. The hand switch used now has poor contact during exposure. The customer’s hand brake switch is 2 gears, 4 cores 3 meters with crystal plug. Tell the customer that our L01 exposure hand switch is completely replaceable, please take a photo of the crystal head, and we refer to the wiring method.
Briefly introduce our L01 exposure hand switch:
1. Model: L01 (hand switch, exposure hand switch, hand brake)
2. Overview: The first step is to control the exposure preparation state, and the second step is to control the exposure.
3. Parameters:
Mechanical parameters: handle size: length: 10.5cm width: 3cm
Hand brake wire length: 4 cores 3 meters (wire can be customized)
Gear position: 2 gears
Electrical parameters: switch life ≤ 400,000 times
Working voltage: AC: 125V 15A
DC: 125V 0.6A
4. Material: (1) Matte surface
(2) Smooth surface
5. Advantages: (1) The design of internal double knobs and double micro switches.
(2) Design of spring bar trigger
(3) The button switch is a flat step
6. Scope of application: digital filming machine, digital DR gastrointestinal machine, DRX light machine, C-arm
In addition, if you need a hand switch with a crystal plug, the delivery time is about 3 working days. Ordinary hand switches can be shipped on the same day or the next day after payment.

L01 exposure hand switch

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