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A Ghanaian customer ordered our hand switch

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:9月 22, 2023

A Ghanaian customer saw the hand switches sold by our company on the website and left a message for consultation, expressing interest in our products and hoping that we would provide details.
Through communication, we learned that the customer is an X-ray machine repairer and sells various X-ray machine accessories. This time, the hand switch of the X-ray machine in a hospital was damaged and needed to be replaced. I saw similar-looking models online and wanted to purchase two. Commonly used hand switches are divided into one-step and two-step. We first confirm with the customer what specifications are required and send the corresponding photos to the customer for reference. Customer reply requires two-step. Then we confirmed the number of wire cores with the customer, whether it was 3-core or 4-core wire. The photos sent by the customer and the hospital after confirmation were of a 3-core cable with an 8P8C crystal plug. The customer also reported that the cable length was a bit short and wanted a longer hand switch. We said that we can customize the switch wire length, and we also have regular 6-meter hand switch wires in stock. The client thought we were very professional and confirmed with the hospital that it was acceptable.
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