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A company consults L01 hand switch

Author:Lillian    Time:April 14, 2021

The customer consulted our Newheek L01 hand switch. Customers saw our L01 hand switch products on the website and felt that they were more in line with his requirements. It just so happened that the company was looking for a long-term partner recently, so they came to consult to see if we meet their requirements for cooperation. The customer requires the hand switch to have a Rohs certificate, the wire core is 3 meters, and the wire length of the hand switch is 12 meters. I told the customer that our L01 hand switch line is conventionally 3 meters, 6 meters, and 10 meters. 12 meters are not the regular size. I asked him if the 10 meter L01 hand switch can be used? The customer said yes. Then, I sent the specifications of L01 hand switch products, related certificates and other documents to the customer. The customer said that he would communicate with the technology first, and then contact him when needed.

Scope of use of ray switch

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About us: Newheek manufactures different types of x ray hand switches and x ray foot switches. X ray exposure hand switch is mainly used on portable x ray, mobile x ray, stationary x ray, analog x ray, digital x ray, radigraphy x ray etc x ray equipment. As well as X ray exposure hand switch is applicable to beauty laser device, healthy recovery device etc field. X ray foot switch is widely used on medical fluoroscopy x ray machine, ultrasound, health beauty equipment and industrial etc field.
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