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Author:Jamy    Time:5月 26, 2020

According to media reports, a new study published in the journal Nature by researchers at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology shows that the design of the world’s first 3D artificial eyeball may be clearer than the human eye. If everything goes smoothly, it is expected that millions of people will be able to see the light again within five years.
It is reported that artificial eyeballs create images through various miniature sensors, which mimic the light detection photoreceptor cells of human eyeballs. The sensor is packaged into an aluminum film and a tungsten film, forming a hemisphere with a diameter of more than 2cm, imitating the human retina.
Professor Fan Zhiyong of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology introduced that the size of the bionic eye is similar to that of the human eye, and the structure of the bionic eye is also similar to that of the human eye. When electrically addressing a single nanowire, it has the potential to achieve high imaging resolution. The image is converted by a large number of tiny sensors, which are located in a hemispherical membrane made of aluminum and tungsten that mimics the human retina, and can theoretically exceed the high-resolution imaging of the human eye.
Not only that, this artificial retina is sensitive to all frequencies of light in the visible spectrum, and at the same time it responds in just 19.2 milliseconds after receiving light stimulation, and then returns to an ineffective state in 23.9 milliseconds, which is 40 -150 ms response and recovery time is much shorter.


X-ray  hand switch is designed for X-ray equipment, used to control X-ray exposure. The X-ray X-ray  hand switch can help doctors or operators to stay away from X-ray radiation, which is convenient for safe and convenient operation of X-ray equipment. X-ray  hand switches are widely used in medical X-ray machines, industrial X-ray machines, and veterinary X-ray machines.

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