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The wire length of the X ray hand  switch can be customized

Author:Jamy    Time:5月 14, 2020

According to CCTV news client news, on the 13th local time, WHO held a regular press conference on New Coronary Pneumonia. Michael Ryan, WHO health emergency project leader, said that New Coronavirus may become a long-term problem and it is difficult to predict when it will be possible to defeat the virus , It may become an epidemic virus that will never disappear. Michael Ryan takes AIDS as an example. Although HIV has not disappeared, humans have found treatments and prevention methods, and people no longer fear AIDS as before. Michael Ryan expressed the hope that highly effective vaccines can be developed and distributed to everyone in the world.

Maria Van Kokhov, technical director of the WHO Health Emergency Program, said that some countries have proven that public health measures can control the virus and curb its spread to a sufficiently low level so that society can return to work and reopen.

Do you know the structure of the X ray hand  switch? Viewed from the outside, the hand switch is mainly composed of a handle, a base and a spring wire. As for the handle, there are the domestically used L01 type, the L04 type suitable for Europeans and Americans, and the L06 type for dental use. The base has holes and no holes. For the spring wire with three specifications of 3 meters, 6 meters and 10 meters. If there are special requirements for the wire length, the straight line can be lengthened after the spring wire, but this does not mean that the straight line is infinitely lengthened.
Today, a customer in a hospital wants to lengthen the line length of the exposure hand brake, which is the hand brake on the mobile bedside machine. The customer means that X ray hand  switch line is too short, and the radiation is too close to the bedside machine. Line. Ask the customer to extend to a few meters, the customer means 100 meters. To tell the truth, after selling the X ray hand  switch for so many years, I first heard that there is a requirement that the line length is 100 meters. It’s not that we can’t do it, but if the line is too long, it will result in poor hand brake sensitivity. If the customer’s equipment is a mobile bedside machine, the dose is relatively small, and if the line is too long away from the console, it is not convenient to operate. If you want to reduce the amount of radiation, the doctor should wear radiation protection clothing.
Generally speaking, the three specifications of 3m, 6m and 12m X ray hand  switch lines are enough. If you have special needs, please remember to call to communicate.


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